Flight Safety

Buffalo Aerial Services Ltd. strongly believes that compromising a high standard of flight safety is non-negotiable. Customers deserve to feel at ease and comfortable during each and every flight. Just like our customers, our crews all have families to return to at the end of the day and therefore remain safety conscious during each and every phase of every operation.

The company’s Safety Management System (SMS) provides for a proactive and systematic approach to managing safety. It embraces the principle that the identification and management of risk increases the likelihood of accomplishing the mission. Auditing and monitoring processes ensure personnel, equipment and aircraft are operated in such a way as to minimize the risks inherent in both ground and flight operations.

Satellite Tracking and Emergency Response


All of our aircraft are equipped with Satellite tracking units as well as GPS based text communication devices. This allows for real-time information pertaining to the location of each aircraft.​​

Each helicopter is also equipped with FM radio networks which allows clear communication between the helicopter and ground crews.